Home Emergency 'You declared war': Ukraine ambassador confronts Russia's representative at U.N.

‘You declared war’: Ukraine ambassador confronts Russia’s representative at U.N.

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  • Ukraine declares martial law in response to Russia attack


  • Biden to impose ‘severe sanctions’ on Russia at meeting with G7 leaders


  • Listen: Sirens sound in Ukraine capital as Russia launches military action


  • Biden, Zelenskyy speak after reports of Russia military operation in Ukraine


  • People in Kyiv ‘absolutely terrified’ as Ukrainian capital appears under attack


  • ‘This capitol is now under attack’: New explosions heard in Kyiv


  • They speak in Russian, they have family in Russia — and they’d fight and die for Ukraine


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    ‘You declared war’: Ukraine ambassador confronts Russia’s representative at U.N.



    McFaul: Attacks on Kyiv may be ‘turning point’ for Putin’s plan to rebuild Russian empire


  • As people of Kyiv wake up to ‘sound of booms’ in distance, warning sirens in city quiet


  • Biden condemns Russia’s ‘unprovoked and unjustified attack’ on Ukraine


  • Blasts heard in Ukrainian capital city Kyiv after Putin announces military operation


  • ‘The people of Ukraine are counting on us’ U.N. Security Council holds emergency meeting


  • Russia expected to split Ukraine in initial military campaign


  • Amb. McFaul: Right-wing Trump loyalists praising Putin make America look weak–not Biden


  • Wagner: Why some Republicans see Russia’s anti-democratic whims as ‘aspirational’


  • Vindman rips GOP ‘cheerleading’ Putin: They will own this when blood flows


  • Zelenskyy speaks to Russians in address on Telegram


  • Ukraine set to enter state of emergency


  • Taiwan tension with China compared to Ukraine & Russia



Ukraine’s ambassador to the United nations confronted Russia’s ambassador to the U.N.. “The ambassador of the Russian Federation three minutes ago, confirmed that his president declared a war on my country,” the Ukrainian ambassador said, and questioned Russia’s membership in the Security Council. 

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