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Would you value your most important asset at only 57p?

Mr Dou Yongu is a construction worker in China. He recently shared a video comparing the quality of his yellow safety helmet to the red ones worn by his supervisors. The results of his experiment were shocking.

“Let’s do an experiment. This is a helmet for us front-line workers. And this is a helmet for the bosses. Which one is sturdier?”

Mr Dou Yongu’s experiment was to hold each helmet in his hands and hit them together. With just one strike, his yellow safety helmet worn by himself and his front line colleagues shattered, smashed into pieces by the red safety helmet worn by the construction site supervisors which remained intact.

These safety helmets have been dubbed ‘eggshell helmets’ for obvious reasons and are widely available on e-commerce sites around the world selling for as little as 5 yuan (That equates to only 57p!), according to Xinhua News.

This story was reported recently in The Times newspaper >>

There are a vast amount of Safety Helmets available to consumers on the market, so how can you ensure that the helmet you are purchasing is fit for purpose?

The Mark Of Assurance

JSP® operates with the BSI® Kitemark™ scheme. This is the platinum standard for product quality providing a guarantee that every product JSP® manufactures under this scheme is from a batch that has been controlled and tested to ensure it passes the relevant safety standards.

JSP Safety Helmets are manufactured under both the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System (QMS) and the British Standard Institution (BSI) Kitemark™ scheme. This ensures strict material selection, manufacturing control and batch testing for ALL of our safety helmets. JSP helmets not only comply with but significantly exceed the relevant international performance standards.

The prestigious Kitemark™, is one of the most recognised global symbols of quality, integrity and safety, demonstrates beyond doubt that JSP personal protection meets the applicable British, European, International and other recognised standards for quality, safety, performance and reliability.

Helmet Verification System

To combat counterfeits and to give peace of mind that you are wearing a genuine quality controlled JSP Evolution® Safety Helmet we developed the JSPCHECK™ system that identifies the authentic JSP safety helmets.

We use a unique manufacturing barcode that provides us with complete product traceability. It pinpoints the exact location, time and date of manufacture to the second! When you enter the details of your safety helmet correctly you will receive and email confirming its authenticity and its date and time of manufacture.

Behind this public facing information JSP also houses many details about your safety helmet so that we can track and trace all of the production materials and batch testing information so our customers can rest assured that they are wearing a quality product that meets and exceeds the required standards.

“The JSPCheck system makes each JSP hard hat traceable and gives assurance to the end user regarding the quality of the product. Consequently, the company has been able to position itself as a supplier of reliable head protection.”

– Shray Sharma – Research Associate: Frost & Sullivan

“This is a very reliable way to establish the authenticity of the product, being able to identify attempted replicas of much less performance.”

– James Bednarz – Health & Safety Officer: Thomas Vale Construction

“Excellent trace-ability so that in the event of an incident you can get back to the headgear’s birthplace.”

– Peter Hopkins – Principal Consultant: Richard Lawrence Associates.

Safe Suppliers Scheme

To ensure you are wearing PPE that has been manufactured , tested and certified to the appropriate standard JSP recommends you follow the guidance set out by the BSIF™ Registered Safety Supplier Scheme of which JSP are proud members.

Look out for the BSIF’s RSS Shield

Sub standard PPE is unfortunately a very real problem as discovered by Mr Dou Yongu in his recent video. By using a Registered Safety Supplier you can be sure you will only be supplied with genuine, appropriately approved product and you will receive sound advice without any attempt to mislead you. If you see the RSS shield then you know you are purchasing from a competent supplier.

If you require any help or assistance with your PPE then please contact our team on 01993 826050 or email uksales@jsp.co.uk and they will be happy to help.

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