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Travis Scott Net Worth $60 Million by 2022

Are you wondering about the net worth of Travis Scott? We got you covered here. Travis Scott is one of the most prominent figures and significantly influences hip-hop music. You may not have heard his music, but you must have listened to his name for other odd reasons. He has a total net worth of about 60 million dollars by 2022. Yes, you read it right 60 million and how he built his net worth? We will discuss it right away.

His early days: 

Travis Scott was born on 30th April 1992 in Houston, Texas. He studied and graduated from Elkins high school. In school, he started to discover his artistic talent; at the age of 16, he created a duo for musicals with his best friend, Christ Holloway. The team released an EP on Myspace in 2008. Next year he formed a new pair with his high school friend OG Chess, which released two more projects on Myspace.

Travis Scott started his studies at the University of Texas, San Antonio. But as his interest was already in music, he dropped out. His parents weren’t happy about his decision, but Travis was adamant. He moved to New York, where he worked on another project with his friend Mike. He started to release his project on the website Ill roots. But the loss of progress made him frustrated, and he moved to Los Angeles.

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Scott’s song ‘Lights love sick‘ got the attention of famous rapper TI, and also Kanye West started to show interest. Kanye’s Good Music, and Epic records reached out to sign him. Travis got his breakthrough in the industry in 2012; he hasn’t stopped since then.

In 2013 he made his debut with his first full-length mixtape Owl Pharaoh over Myspace for free download. He started to perform at local music festivals in 2014.

Travis Scott’s Career growth: 

2015 is when Travis Scott truly stood out and made his name. He released his debut studio album, Rodeo. His efforts paid off as it made up on the top of the billboard’s rap album chart.

He started working on his second album right away, titled ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight‘, also hinted about his third album named ‘Astro world‘. He premiered his work on the second album, which led to number one on billboard 200. After that, he teamed up with Kanye and compiled the Album “Cruel Winter”, a follow-up of “Cruel Summer“.

Travis has produced music for many big names, including Weekend, Rihanna, Madonna, Drake, etc. So it’s safe to say he is a world-class music artist and producer. Travis Scott has produced class music, but his tours are also thriving. His Rodeo and Damn tours were winners for his career.

Travis Scott also started his music label named Cactus Jack records. He has also collaborated with many brands like Dior, Nike, Byeredo, Reese Puffs, etc. MacDonald also worked with him to release a Cacti Jack meal with Cacti Seltzer. He has his cannabis line named cannabis farm and much more.

Will controversies bring his net worth down?

If you know Travis Scott, you would know that his life revolves around multiple controversies and legal battles, bringing his net worth down.

The most recent controversy of the Astro world Concert was multiple people injured and seven dead. Agents canceled his forwarding dates, and many other hosts removed him from their shows. This isn’t the first time his concert turned into violence and riots. His concerts are violent as he provokes his fans to do so. He is arrested multiple times for this reason.

In 2017, he was sued by Green Kyle, who was injured by falling during his concert. Green said that Travis was urging his fans to jump on the crowd. Green jumped from the third floor, dropping; guards picked him up and placed him under the stage resulting in paralysis. This case is still going on after several years.

Control Freed also sued Travis Scott for copying their copyright-protected joystick designs and using those photos during his Fortunate Virtual Concert to sell his Cacti Jack gamer merchandise. He lost this case and paid about 400K $.

In the past, Travis Scott already dealt with a copyright lawsuit in 2019 for using words from a 1997 song by DJ Paul of three 6 mafia. According to the case, Travis’s song “No Bystander” shared cadence and sound with their music “Tear Da Club Up”.

Travis Scott and Cactus Jack are recently in a legal battle for his Cacti Seltzer. The misleading label of Seltzers claims that it’s made from 100% Blue agave from Mexico. Rebbeca Read purchased this spiked drink because of this label only to find out that it’s just the flavor of blue agave. Rebbeca is ready to turn this case into a class action, which can bring down the net worth of Travis Scott.

Final Thoughts: 

Travis Scott has built his career from scratch and hasn’t given up, leading to his net worth of 60 million dollars right now. Although the multiple legal battles he is under can hurt his career and net worth.

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