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Transport for Wales launches new Women in Transport Hub

Transport for Wales and Women in Transport’s new Welsh Hub will identify how the current female workforce in Wales can be further supported, as well as how it can encourage more women to join the industry.

Credit: Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) has announced that it has partnered with Women in Transport to launch a new Welsh Hub that will empower women in the industry to maximise their potential.

Recent figures reveal that the transport sector is subjected to a significant gender gap with women making only 20 per cent of the workforce of the Transport and Communications Industry in Wales. The new Welsh Hub will look at how it can further support the current female workforce and how it can encourage more women to join the industry by helping to remove any social barriers.

As part of the launch, the Welsh government has funded research that had been carried out by Chwarae Teg to outline where women are working in the transport sector in Wales and to understand their experiences.

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The research shows that women are notably under-represented in the occupational groups traditionally associated with men, particularly among engineers, vehicle maintenance and drivers. The new partnership will now use this data to inform their work and implement positive change in the transport industry across Wales.

The Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, said: “There is a high demand for people to work in the transport and logistics sector. On average around 4,500 job vacancies in transport and logistics are posted online each month in Wales. It is therefore remarkable that women only make up 20 per cent of the workforce. That is why I am pleased we have been able to sponsor this piece of work which looks at the barriers and challenges facing women entering the workforce and how they can be overcome.”

Jo Foxall, Customer Engagement Director at Transport for Wales and Wales Lead for Women in Transport, said: “It’s been great to launch the Wales Hub for Women in Transport and to see so many people attend and support the event. At Transport for Wales, we’re building an inclusive and diverse workforce and we recognise that our public transport network needs to cater for the diverse public and be inclusive for all. I’ve worked in the transport sector for 18 years and I’m extremely passionate about encouraging more women to take up roles within the transport sector in both traditionally male front line roles, as well as more leadership and decision-making positions.”  

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