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Titan introduces new HK 458 hybrid wheel loader tire

CARMEL, Ind. – John Wendorf, director of SePRO’s Turf & Ornamental division, announced that Dr. Aaron Palmateer has joined as a technical development leader for Ornamentals.

“Dr. Palmateer is a great friend to the industry. He has helped so many growers solve their disease issues. It is hard not to know him, through his many speaking engagements, articles and in-person visits” Wendorf said. “He is an authoritative voice in this arena, and we are thrilled to have him join SePRO.”


Dr. Aaron Palmateer

Palmateer’s career has covered a broad geography that goes beyond the boundaries of the United States.

“I’ve been fortunate to have first-hand experiences in managing pests and diseases in ornamental plants not only in the U.S. but in Central America and the Greater Caribbean, too. This has afforded me the opportunity to better understand threats that our SePRO customers might face,” Palmateer said.

Palmateer received his doctorate in plant pathology from Auburn University and his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Plant and Soil Science from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

“I am excited about joining the SePRO team. I’ve watched their commitment to innovation continue to evolve and I am eager to be a part of what’s next,” Palmateer said.

“Palmateer’s extensive background in plant pathology will prove to be invaluable to our customers. Not only is Dr. Palmateer well versed in pest and disease management, his solutions are instrumental in reducing and eliminating threats that could result in severe economic losses,” said Dr. Greg Armel, SePRO’s vice president of research, regulatory and innovation.

Wendorf also announced the addition of Casey Zeller who joins as the portfolio leader for turf & ornamental.

“Casey has spent many years in his career focusing on finding new technical solutions and making them available to customers and helping well-known brands improve their go-to-market strategies to better serve their clientele. He brings to our team a fresh perspective and I’m quite confident he will contribute valuable insights to our division,” Wendorf said.


Casey Zeller

Zeller, an Indiana native, grew up on a grain and livestock operation where his family continues to farm and raise registered Angus cattle. “In farming, there’s always room for improvement. Ideas to be explored to achieve better results. Whether that’s growing a healthier crop or raising healthier livestock,” Zeller said. “The same approach is essential to brands, too, and I have made it a point to place innovation at the forefront of everything I do.”

Zeller received a degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University.  “I am excited to leverage my expertise to help the Turf & Ornamental division provide even greater support to their customers,” Zeller. said “SePRO is well respected in its category, and I’m honored to be joining the T&O team.”

 “Casey’s enthusiasm for pursuing innovative solutions is refreshing and exactly what our growing division needs,” said Sam Barrick, vice president of marketing for SePRO. “He’s clearly passionate about specialty markets, he’s not afraid of leading the charge and he’s well equipped to help us elevate our vision for the Turf & Ornamental division.”

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