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The JSP Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner

Our team at JSP have worked in conjunction with Infrastructure Projects (IP) Track staff in the Track Safety Alliance (TSA) to introduce thermal helmet liners, as approved personal protective equipment (PPE).

Wearing woolly hates under Safety Hard Hats can make the Hard Hats ill-fitting and ineffective. IP Track and TSA front line staff have said that the cold weather can cause distraction, fatigue and illness, so we worked alongside them to find a workable and compliant solution.

We designed a thermal helmet liner style skull cap, which is safe to use under our full range of Evolution® hard hats, and then conducted various tests in our own laboratory to prove its integrity.

Put to the test.

IP Track arranged for Occupational Health and Safety assistance to conduct hearing tests on a cross-section sample of railway colleagues, of different ages and gender, to personal track safety (PTS) standard. Each person had the test both with and without the thermal liner and the results of those tested while wearing the liners passed the minimum PTS requirement.

Steve Featherstone – programme director, Infrastructure Projects – Track, said:

“The challenge that I set for the Track Safety Alliance was to develop a thermal safety hat liner which keeps the wearer’s ears and head warm, allows good hearing and works with a safety hat. The results have been really well received by track staff with 10,000 sold in just two days after the product was launched.”

At JSP we initially started with 30,000 in stock and had an extra 20,000 heading our way in February to meet the growing demand.

Positive Feedback

David Burgess, principal workforce safety specialist added: “The use of these liners will reduce the likelihood of the wearer using unapproved means of keeping their head warm, such as hoodies and beanie hats, and so removes the risk of reduction in performance of their hard hat. This product is classed as personal protective equipment (PPE) as it mitigates the risk of exposure to the cold weather.”

Darren Bilbie, Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) area health and safety representative and PPE Committee member, said:

“Feedback from colleagues in the Derby area, who trialled the thermal liners, was very positive. All of them stated that they’re what they have been needed for a long time to eliminate the draft and cold under and around the helmet.”

Our JSP Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liners are available on our website: www.jspsafety.com 

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