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The Best Oakley Prescription Safety Sunglasses

The best Oakley Prescription Safety Sunglasses RX Safety Blog

As an official distributor of Oakley glasses, we are excited to select the best of the best Oakley Prescription Safety Sunglasses. These frames, lenses, and glasses are carefully selected to be a part of our collection. RX-Safety curated a wide range of Oakley sunglasses and Oakley safety glasses, both with the options to add your prescriptions to them. We have curated a wide range of Oakley sunglasses and Oakley safety glasses, both with the options to add your prescriptions to them.

The advantage of ordering these high-quality sunglasses through the RX-Safety website is that RX-Safety offers a more affordable lens price to add your prescription to. Additionally, we also offer a variety of lens colors, lenses, and coatings to personalize your Oakley frames. This gives you the freedom to personalize the perfect pair of Oakley’s that will be unique for your specific environment. Read on for a review of three of our favorite best-selling Oakley prescription safety sunglasses!


This pair of Oakley safety sunglass is specially designed with Law Enforcement personnel and first responders in mind. The Oakley Standard Issue Speed Jacket prescription safety sunglasses are lightweight, and comfortable for all day use. Also, they come in five different colors and are perfect for both men and women. Additionally, they have special high-definition optics with exclusive Oakley Prizm lens technology. These sunglasses have ANSI Z87.1 approval for optimal protection against elements and debris.


The Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic Det Cord Flag collection is our RX-Safety’s best seller for a reason. It is MIL-PRF-32432, military approved and ANSI Z87 approved, providing unmatched protection. Additionally, it is a comfortable and durable frame great for both military and all other types of environments. The lenses have an 8.75 geometric base to ensure security and protection for your eyes. The Det Cord Flag collection is available with a colorful or black and white American flag on the side. They fall into RX-Safety’s industrial collection, making them one of our top impact resistant styles. Those working exceptionally hazardous environments will benefit from this top tier impact resistance. The lenses also have an anti-fog coating, making them highly functional in certain visually impairing environments.


Another Oakley prescription safety sunglasses favorite is the Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic Shocktube. These prescription safety sunglasses are also MIL-PRF-32432 military approved, and ANSI Z87 approved. This makes these safety sunglasses also great for all kinds of work and many segments. They provide full coverage rims completely around the edges and are extremely impact resistant. They include an extremely modern wrap around style look, meaning they do not need additional removeable side shields. In fact, the upper and lower “jaw” maximizes impact protection. Additionally, the lenses are easy to replace with the provided hex-key seamless transition.

Here at RX-Safety, we talk a lot about how proud we are to be official carriers of the many well-loved brands that we carry. This is never truer than when we say it about Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses. Oakley started out with extreme athletes wearing them, and has now moved on to become a household name. Industrial workers and celebrities alike wear them, and they built their brand upon customer satisfaction over the decades. This same high-quality reputation and integrity is still well alive in Oakley’s business practices today, and RX-Safety is proud to be a part of that.

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