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The Best Baseball Prescription Sunglasses for Protecting Your Eyes and Enhancing Your Game

You wear other types of safety equipment when you’re playing baseball. However, your eyes must also be protected, especially if you wear prescription glasses. Therefore, you should also consider getting prescription sunglasses for baseball that meet the right type of safety standards.

RX Safety carries some of the best baseball sunglasses out there. They come ready to become baseball prescription glasses directly from the site and with ASTM F803 standards. That means they can protect the eyes from projectiles moving up to 90 miles per hour and are sized from 40mm up to 65.1mm.

On top of the protective elements of these prescription baseball sunglasses, they will also provide better vision against the sun and extensive comfort, so you’ll be wearing them all day without feeling as if they are dragging you down.

Bolle Sport Field Glasses

The first excellent option to consider for your next pair of baseball prescription sunglasses is the Bolle Sports Field Gasses. First, they come with comfort and a secure fit in mind, with rubberized temples and nose pads.

There’s also an optional strap these prescription sunglasses for baseball come in to further adjust the fit and sizing. You can get the Field frame in either crystal with orange, black with blue, or black with red colors.

When it comes to safety standards, they go beyond just having ASTM F803 ratings. They also come with ANSI Z87+ impact ratings and EN166 standards. But, again, these are optimal for those with a large head.

Bolle Sport League Glasses

Another option for Bolle and its line of sports-related glasses is the League model. They come with an enhanced yet simplified click-and-strap system to ensure your glasses stay on throughout the game. This is also made possible with the nose pads and temples that are rubberized for that secure – no movement fit.

In addition, when the heat gets tough, your lenses won’t fog up with the anti-fog coating on them.

These frames also meet ANSI Z87+ and EN166 standards on top of the ASTM F803 rating. You can get these in gray with yellow, black with blue, or navy with orange. These are optimal for those with a medium-sized head.

Leader C2 RX Sport Goggle

The final option to consider is a pair of goggles that come in different sizes, making them perfect for kids and adults and those with small to large heads. That means once they’re on and adjusted, they will stay on. On top of that, you’re protected via the ASTM F803 ratings they’ve achieved.

For additional comfort, the nose bridge is replaceable when it wears down, and the temples are adjustable for the perfect fit every time. Finally, just because the C2 RX comes as goggles doesn’t mean you cannot get them with a prescription. You can easily turn these into prescription sunglasses for baseball directly on the RX-Safety site.

Do remember you’ll be able to select your choice of lenses and sunglasses tint that you’re looking for, ensuring you’ll get the right type of clarity and protection against UV rays.

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