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Setting Yourself Apart from the Pack with Quality Customer Service According to U.S. Standard Products

With the rise of online sales and internet marketing, making your business stand out from the crowd is more difficult than ever. Whether you own a small café or restaurant, work in the hotel or hospitality industry, or provide creative services to clients and customers; one thing remains the same — the importance of consistent, high-quality customer service to ensure your clients return.

Customer service continues to be a differentiator between businesses of all shapes and sizes and it’s something that U.S. Standard Products takes very seriously. The professionals at U.S. Standard Products know that customers frequent businesses that they can depend on, and where they feel welcome and valued. In addition to this, customers share their favorite businesses and the great experience they have online, via social media posts and online reviews. One way you can grow your own business and create a lasting client base, is by providing quality customer service.

Here are a few customer service tips that the team at U.S. Standard Products depends on:

1. Listen

Whether you think you know the answer your client or customer requires quickly or are having trouble understanding what their problem or concern is; the key to customer service excellence is listening. Sometimes a customer just wants a chance to know their opinion is being heard. Other times, a client may provide valuable advice to help you improve your business. Whatever the reason, it’s best to listen, ask questions, and ensure your customers have a chance to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your products and services. There are also new technologies and tools you can implement to collect and analyze customer feedback, ensuring you are providing the quality customer service your clients expect.

2. Smile

It seems elementary, but smile! In our busy days of rushing here and there, staring at our phones, and meeting deadlines; it can be easy to forget to take the time to look up from our electronic devices, make eye contact, and smile at customers. US Standard Products recommends this small ice breaker will make a big impact on your customers and is a great way to start any client interaction. Eye contact and a convincing smile are key first steps to exceeding your customer service goals.

3. Human Interaction

Whether it’s a smile, a touch of the arm, or the eye contact that comes with one-on-one human interaction; one way to set your business apart from the rest is to rely on the human touch that only your customer service colleagues can bring to the table. Companies from restaurants to supermarkets are implementing technologies that minimize human interaction and increase the space between a company or brand and their customer. To improve your team’s customer service, encourage the small things that set us apart and create the human connections that will bring your customers back for more.

One thing that U.S. Standard Products notices is consistently missing from client interactions is the hospitality that comes with sharing a meal, a cup of coffee, or a sweet treat. They suggest that companies encourage team members to meet with clients one-on-one and share a meal or a cup of tea, in-order to strengthen ties and build meaningful relationships with customers and give them the time and space to share feedback with your team. Providing sweet-filled gift baskets for important events like birthdays and anniversaries is another way to exceed your clients’ customer service expectations

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