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RX Safety presents Geardo – new shooting glasses

We know that there are many options when it comes to shooting glasses online. This could make choosing a safe, durable pair a bit complex. But when it comes to eyewear safety, RX Safety is all about offering the greatest solutions possible. That’s why Phillips Safety just released its new precision shooting glasses–Geardo, leaving its customers with greater safety glasses solutions than ever before. 

Perfect for sport or other occasions, Geardo shooting glasses were designed to bring customers the ultimate combination of functionality, along with a high level of style. Now, there’s no need to compromise style and taste for performance. With Geardo safety glasses, you’re able to have a classic look all while approaching your craft with tacticality, making these spectacular shooting glasses ideal for any occasion. 

But that’s just the beginning. Keep reading to learn more about these new shooting glasses and how they excel beyond other standard choices. 

Gerado’s build

Geardo shooting glasses are perfect for any occasion. They are safety sunglasses, excellent for being used as a shooting frame inside the shooting range, for instance, as well as other sporting events. They are ideal as they provide protection against physical and invisible hazards, allowing one to perform with true confidence. 

What makes this sleek, matte black frame unique is its wrap around frame with polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are designed to allow the perfect security for the eyes without side shields. This high quality frame was also made from TR-90 Nylon to ensure ultimate durability. With adjustable silicone nose pads, as well as temple bars for a high level of comfortability, these frames keep the wearer’s experience in mind. These safety glasses ANSI Z87.1 come in a variety of lens colors including yellow, orange, clear, and dark grey, which act as a perfect compliment to the wearer’s style and include UV protection.

More amazing features

ANSI Z87+. When choosing shooting glasses, it’s good to ensure they can protect you with the highest standards. With Gerado, you get high impact approved ANSI rated safety glasses, which means they’ve been tested with the highest standards possible and are impact resistant. This is great because Z87 safety glasses will give customers confidence and eye protection when stepping into their respective occasion.

Lightweight wear. With all the gear you may have, the last thing you need is additional weight making things difficult. Gerado’s lightweight frames provide extra comfort and ease, and can easily be worn for longer periods of time. 

Super affordable. These safety glasses are super affordable so there’s no need to throw away hundreds of dollars. In fact, when choosing a pair of Gerado shooting glasses, you’ll be sure to find budget-friendly prices–at no expense to your safety.   

So if you’re looking for cheap safety glasses with durability and comfort, we’ve got you covered. These shooting glasses are sure to boost confidence during any event, and with exquisite design and functionality, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. Feel free to reach out to members of our customer service team if you have any additional questions. With their expertise, they can guide you into choosing a pair of Gerado’s shooting glasses that are a perfect match for you. 

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