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Retired US brigadier general: Putin should be designated a war criminal for use of hyperbaric, cluster bombs

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A retired U.S. brigadier general told Fox News on Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is decidedly a war criminal after firsthand accounts and video of his army bombing civilians and reportedly using taboo ordnances in several cases.

Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc told “The Ingraham Angle” that there is no need for an international commission or an investigation because the videos from Ukraine do not lie.

Presidents Biden and Putin
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Bolduc warned about the dangers of hyperbaric ordnances — so-called “vacuum bombs” — that create vacuums via a secondary detonation that vaporizes anything in range, including humans.


“The invasion is a war crime,” Bolduc told host Bill Hemmer. “I don’t need a special commission, I don’t need a bunch of investigations. I don’t need a team of lawyers or team anybody to make the observation that this whole invasion is a war crime.”

“And Putin is a war criminal. And any of his officers that are executing these kinds of directives from him are committing war crimes as well. And it’s unforgivable in its nature.”

Putin, in the wake of Biden’s comments, says Russia knows “how to defend our own interests.”

Hemmer recounted viewing graphic video from Kharkiv, Ukraine, of senior citizens missing limbs after an alleged Putin-directed attack on their area. 

Bolduc, who is also running against Sen. Margaret Hassan, D-N.H., this fall, said a moral leader would never act as the 69-year-old ex-KGB officer has, adding that “he’s got no morals.”


“If it’s on the battlefield, he’s going to use it,” he said, adding that the hyperbaric bombs have been produced since World War II, but the technology therein has advanced exponentially.

Hemmer noted that NATO Secretary-Gen. Jens Stoltenberg announced Putin also used cluster bombs — ordnance that have several tiny “bomb-lets” within that scatter near a target.

Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian prime minister, said the use of such weapons violates international law.

“It’s just not a legitimate weapon,” Bolduc added. “And it certainly isn’t a weapon that should be used for the proportionality that we’re seeing … in the hands of Putin.”

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