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Raising Awareness with OSHA Safe + Sound Week 2021


When was the last time you reviewed your company’s safety and health program?

Next month, OSHA is hosting their fifth annual nationwide event, OSHA Safe + Sound Week. This year’s event, which will take place from August 9-15, gives workplaces the opportunity to highlight and improve elements of their safety programs while engaging with employees.

Why are safety programs important?

Safe + Sound is a year-round campaign aiming to encourage every organization to invest in a safety and health program. These programs focus on proactively recognizing occupational hazards so they can be managed before incidents occur.

These preventative measures not only protect the well-being of an employee, but ultimately helps the bottom line by reducing costs associated with workers’ compensation, increasing productivity, and improving compliance, A well-rounded and comprehensive safety and health program is key to keeping your business sustainable.

How to Participate

Last year the OSHA event boasted nearly 3,500 businesses who signed up to help raise awareness about workers’ health and safety. Depending on where your company is at with a health and safety program, OSHA recommends:

  • Getting started: No time is a better time to kick off a safety program than the present! Management is primarily responsible for creating safety and health programs, but they can also be the ones to break it. At the beginning stages of developing a program, it’s critical that supervisors, executives, and other leaders demonstrate their commitment towards continuously improving health and safety in the workplace.
  • Refresh your program: Already have a safety program in place? Participating in Safe + Sound Week is the perfect opportunity to review your existing program with employees and see how it can be re-energized. Conduct a job hazard analysis to evaluate current hazard controls and identify any new risks that will need to be addressed. Getting employees to participate will help ensure the longevity of your program.
  • Recognize success: Did your workplace implement COVID-19 rules quickly? Or did your employees exhibit a clear understanding of safety policies and procedures? This week gives you the chance to take the time to recognize your organization’s safety success. Celebrating with a company dinner or a holding a safety recognition ceremony to hand out awards can have a lasting effect on morale and safety awareness.

For the first time, Creative Safety Supply is officially participating in OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week! This year we will be publishing a whitepaper detailing the dangers of confined spaces including a summary of risks as described by OSHA, regulations for properly marking confined spaces, and the best practices associated with effectively communicating the protocol surrounding restricted areas and hazardous spaces.

This whitepaper will be available to download at the end of Safe + Sound Week. Check out our free guides page on August 18th to get your copy!

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