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Pregnant woman journalist from New Zealand surrenders to Taliban for asylum

Kabul, Ta. 3
A pregnant woman journalist from New Zealand has been forced to take refuge in the Taliban infamous for atrocities on women traveling around the world without taking refuge in her own country on the pretext of the ‘corona pandemic’. The female journalist is now stuck in Afghanistan. In fact, according to Charlotte Basil, a female journalist from New Zealand, her home country New Zealand has stopped her from returning home following the Corona virus quarantine system. So he has to go to Afghanistan to take refuge.
According to a report in The New Zealand Herald, Charlotte Basil said it was ironic that she once questioned the Taliban about their brutal treatment of women and is now asking the same question to her own government. Charlotte questions the New Zealand government whether the Taliban can give you safe haven from a pregnant, unmarried woman if you know your situation has been reversed.
New Zealand’s COVID-12 response minister Chris Hipkins told the Herald that his office had asked officials to investigate whether due procedures were followed on the Belize issue. New Zealand has managed to keep the corona outbreak low and the death toll extremely low during the pandemic. This success is due to strict rules regarding Corona. According to New Zealand’s Corona rules, every foreigner will have to stay in a quarantine hotel run by the army for 10 days.
However, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and her government are embarrassed by the plight of citizens trapped in difficult conditions abroad. Furthermore, the situation in Belize is particularly different. Until last year, she was covering the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan for Al Jazeera. Belize then attracted international attention by questioning Taliban leaders about the behavior of women and girls.
Bayliss said she returned to Qatar in September after reporting to Afghanistan, where she learned she was expecting a baby from fellow freelance photographer Jim Hulbrock. She was forced to flee the country as having extramarital affairs a crime in Qatar. From there they went to Jim’s hometown in Belgium. However, since he was not a resident there, he could not stay there for long. So the only country they lived in was Afghanistan. Contacting senior Taliban leaders, he said that they may return to Afghanistan. They don’t have any problem. All he has to do is tell people he is married and give us a call if you have any problems.
Bayliss made several requests for emergency repatriation from Afghanistan to New Zealand authorities, but their request was denied. Due to poor health facilities in Afghanistan, Belize is still trying to move to New Zealand.

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