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Office Ergonomics & Common Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are a significant cause of injuries to office workers and could massively derail business operations. Therefore, implementing correct office ergonomics is essential to preventing injuries.

Employers must understand how to make their office space free from any dangerous ergonomic hazards. Our guide provides essential information about how to make office spaces more ergonomic to avoid hazards.

How Can Employers Make Their Office Space More Ergonomic?

Employers can make their office spaces more ergonomic by taking the following steps:

Redesign Workstations

Employers should re-design office workstations to make the space more ergonomic. Improving workstation ergonomics eliminates excessive reaching, bending, and other awkward movements.

Adjustable Furniture

No two employees are the same. Workers may be exposed to injuries in an office space with furniture that don’t support neutral postures. Employers that provide adjustable chairs and tables with different size ranges and shapes support more ergonomics at the office.

Proper Support for Lifting

Inadequate support for transporting heavy items is a major cause of workplace injuries. Employers that can provide the right equipment and carts for lifting adds to relevant office ergonomics.

Providing lifting supports at the office eliminates stressful activity among workers and helps to prevent injuries.

Access to Ergonomic Tools

Some operations at your office could require special tools to complete tasks. Employers can make their office space more ergonomic by providing fitting tools that eliminate awkward hand positioning. That way, it becomes easy to avoid hand injuries and preventable accidents at work.

Proper Equipment Storage

Storing essential tools at work in areas that minimize reaching helps increase office ergonomics. Providing the right storage helps minimize excessive bending or reaching to get needed work tools.

Why is Ergonomics Important?

Ergonomics is relevant to any work environment, as it helps employers create and sustain a safe space for employees and visitors. Engaging the right ergonomics at workplaces also prevents injuries and avoids the loss of vital man-hours.

employee massaging their hand due to pain from a repetitive stress

Adopting proper office ergonomics does more to keep your operations running, ensuring more productivity over time.

14 Common Ergonomic Hazards in the Workplace

Most office spaces have one or more of these ergonomic hazards around their work environment:

  1. Improperly adjusted workstations
  2. Bad furniture
  3. Poor posturing
  4. Awkward movements
  5. Excessive exertion of force to complete tasks
  6. Vibrations
  7. Repetitive motion
  8. Contact stress
  9. Extreme temperature
  10. Improper lighting
  11. Excessive heavy lifting
  12. Noise pollution
  13. Frequent position changes
  14. Poor monitor alignment

Employers should identify and provide the right support to avoid or eliminate these hazards from their workplace.

office set up that is ergonomically correct

Advanced Consulting & Training – Prevent Workplace Injuries with Proper Ergonomics

Hiring an expert safety consulting company to identify ergonomic hazards at your workplace is a smart move. An experienced safety consultancy has all the tools to locate major hazards and recommend solutions to perceived problems.

At Advanced Consulting & Training, we offer thorough workplace safety audits. Our trained and experienced safety consultants will inspect your office and provide recommendations for improving ergonomics.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help!

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