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Observing National Public Health Week 2021

During the worst public health crisis in our generation, it is especially important to take the time to recognize contributions to public health and look to the future for improvements. This Monday kicks off National Public Health Week! From April 5 to April 11, employees, employers, and individuals alike can join their community to become part of a growing movement to create a healthier country.

COVID-19 has showed us just how important community and public health is, of which has inspired this year’s theme of Building Bridges to Better Health.

Each day of National Public Health Week is focused on a particular public health topic:

  • Monday: Rebuilding
  • Tuesday: Advancing Racial Equity
  • Wednesday: Strengthening Community
  • Thursday: Galvanizing Climate Justice
  • Friday: Constructing COVID-19 Resilience
  • Saturday: Uplifting Mental Health and Wellness
  • Sunday: Elevating the Essential and Health Workforce

According to the American Public Health Association, which has led National Public Health Week since 1995, we as a nation are experiencing twin pandemics: COVID-19 and racism. All of the topics listed above are integral to successfully creating a healthy country and healthy communities while simultaneously fighting back COVID-19 and systemic racism.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing guidelines, all events will be held virtually. Fortunately, in 2021, social media and virtual meeting platforms have made connecting easier than ever. Join what is going to be the biggest public health conversation of the year and RSVP for the NPHW Twitter Chat on Wednesday, April 7, at 2 p.m. EDT.

Throughout this week’s events you can attend panel discussions with grassroots organizers, trivia nights, and even a yoga session. Learn more about how you and your employees can participate in this year’s National Public health Week Activities here: http://nphw.org/Events/APHA-NPHW-Events

And mark your calendar! Next year’s National Public Health Week will be held April 4-10, 2022.

In the midst of one of the most challenging public health crisis in our lifetime, it’s important to celebrate public health. Let’s continue to thank our public health workers and investing in healthy communities.

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