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NJ TRANSIT partners with Uber and Lyft to expand options for Access Link customers

In a collaborative effort, NJ TRANSIT joins forces with Uber and Lyft to launch a pilot programme, aimed at providing Access Link customers with improved transportation options, reduced wait times and affordable prices.


NJ TRANSIT, in collaboration with Uber and Lyft, has announced that it has launched the Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot Program, aiming to improve transportation services for Access Link customers. The programme offers customers the option to receive rides through Uber and Lyft, with the goal of reducing wait and trip times while maintaining affordable pricing and the familiar reservation process.

“NJ TRANSIT strives to provide efficient and reliable transportation services to all of our customers, particularly those who are the most vulnerable,” said New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner and NJ TRANSIT Board Chair Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti. “The Riders’ Choice Pilot Program will improve Access Link reliability, while offering additional transportation options to customers of this crucial service.”

NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin S. Corbett, said: “By adding Uber and Lyft as travel options, we will improve the Access Link travel experience for our customers while making it more cost effective for NJ TRANSIT.”

“Uber strives to make transportation as easy as possible for all,” said Jen Shepherd, Global Head of Transit at Uber. “This partnership with NJ TRANSIT will help cut down on wait time and improve reliability for Access Link riders.”      

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“Lyft is excited to partner with NJ TRANSIT on this innovative new programme that will expand mobility options for Access Link customers,” said Zach Greenberger, Chief Business Officer at Lyft. “Through similar partnerships across the U.S., we have seen riders benefit from decreased wait times, improved reliability and convenience, which ensures they can get to and from work, school, appointments and other activities.”

Under the pilot programme, Uber and Lyft drivers will supplement Access Link services on an as-needed basis, with customer participation being voluntary. Customers who choose not to participate will continue to be serviced by current Access Link providers. The programme offers benefits such as improved on-time performance and productivity, decreased missed trips and better retention of Access Link drivers.

The pilot programme will initially be available in Regions 2 and 5, encompassing several counties in New Jersey, and may expand to other counties state-wide in the future. Additional information regarding potential expansion will be announced at a later date.

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