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Malta Public Transport enhances frequency of Night Route services

With increased frequencies and the inclusion of Night Routes in the Free Public Transport scheme, Malta Public Transport aims to provide a reliable and efficient transportation system throughout the night for passengers.

Credit: Malta Public Transport

Malta Public Transport has announced that it has increased frequencies on several Night Routes, effective as of 21 May 2023, in order to provide a more convenient and efficient travel solution during night time hours.

For commuters travelling between Valletta and St Julian’s, the N13 Night Route will see a significant upgrade in frequency. Departures from either Valletta or St Julian’s will now occur every 10 minutes between 23:10 and 00:10. On weekdays, the service will continue to operate at 20-minute intervals until 01:30, while on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the service will be extended until 02:10.

Passengers travelling at night between Sliema Ferries and Bugibba will also benefit from the latest changes. The N212 Night Route, previously available only on Fridays and Saturdays, will now operate daily. Buses will run every 30 minutes, with the first departure from Bugibba towards Sliema Ferries commencing at 23:50 and the last departure at 01:20. Departures from Sliema Ferries to Bugibba will begin at 23:10, with the final departure at 00:40.

Free public transport services announced for Tallinja Card users in Malta

Furthermore, for those commuting between St Julian’s and Cirkewwa during night time hours, the N11 Night Route will operate every 30 minutes on Fridays and Saturdays. Departures from Cirkewwa to St Julian’s will begin at 23:05, with the last departure at 02:05. Departures from St Julian’s to Cirkewwa will start at 00:55, with the final departure at 03:05.

David Alvarez, Operations Director at Malta Public Transport, said: “These service enhancements reflect Malta Public Transport‘s commitment to providing a reliable and efficient transportation network that caters to the diverse needs of our passengers. We are dedicated to continually improving our services and making public transportation a viable and convenient option for everyone.”

According to Malta Public Transport, the Night Routes, like Day and Special Services, are included in the Free Public Transport scheme. To benefit from free public transport, passengers must possess a valid personalised Tallinja Card and tap it against the ticket machine when boarding the bus. Passengers without Tallinja Cards will need to purchase their tickets on-board the bus.

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