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ITS World Congress 2021: Kistler to present comprehensive measurement solution

Kistler has announced that it will be showcasing its KiTraffic Plus solution at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, at Booth B7002. The KiTraffic Plus for vehicle and traffic monitoring facilitates measuring weight, speed, vehicle dimensions and other parameters.

Visitors can learn how the customizable system detects overloaded trucks and flat tires as well as how it registers vehicle dimensions without stopping traffic flow – thus efficiently improving road safety.

Heavy traffic is on the rise globally and has become a serious strain on infrastructure and road safety. Overloaded trucks in particular are a burden for road surfaces. Moreover, hazardous vehicles such as trucks that exceed their permitted width or height or have deflated tires put other road users in danger.

KiTraffic Plus measures a selection of parameters without having to stop vehicles

KiTraffic Plus from Kistler responds to the demand arising from these burdens and risks. It comprises hardware, software and support, and can be tailored to the customers’ needs in terms of street monitoring, vehicle preselection and direct enforcement of traffic regulations. Additionally, KiTraffic Plus can be extended by adding functions for vehicle identification or the recording of speeds and vehicle dimensions. Altogether, the integrated system facilitates efficient and reliable monitoring and enforcement of road safety.


The core of KiTraffic Plus is the weigh in motion (WIM) technology. WIM features highly precise piezoelectric quartz sensors that capture the axle load, overall weight, and vehicle class of trucks at speeds of up to 120 km/h and 140 km/h for light trucks – with certified accuracy. A unique feature of KiTraffic Plus is its compatibility with hardware from other suppliers, such as cameras for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), dimension scanners, height detectors or speed measurement equipment. It also features a versatile software package that provides access to live data for preselection during traffic controls. It also records the status of the vehicle including all measured parameters, overview image and indications of violations.

KiTraffic Statistics is a cost-optimized WIM system for traffic data collection and bridge protection

Preventive protection

Where collecting overall traffic data is more important than their highest accuracy, KiTraffic Statistics comes into play. KiTraffic Statistics is based on Lineas Compact WIM sensors that measure wheel and axle loads. The system allows for the economic and reliable counting and classifying of vehicles and is typically applied to collect data for traffic monitoring on roads and bridges for preventive protection.

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