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How to turn my prescription glasses into safety glasses?

When you’re looking at getting safety glasses, you’re able to make them with a prescription. There are even a few models out there that are more than capable of being not only your primary prescription glasses but also carry a host of safety features. They’ll look like regular prescription glasses but be comprised of materials that are ready to protect your eyes and the surrounding area from hazardous objects.

At RX – Safety, we work on offering as many versatile options for prescription safety glasses as possible, but it’s essential to keep in mind that when browsing our selection that you check to see if there are prescriptions available. Usually, you’ll be able to see verbiage and also the option to purchase them with prescription lenses. In addition, you can easily filter out when you’re searching for prescription safety glasses as well. 

Many of our frames come constructed with TR-90 Nylon which helps achieve safety ratings against high-impact projectiles. Some also can come with either integrated or detachable side shields to offer extra protection against chemical splashes. In addition, our premium options can come with additional levels of clarity and safety, with some of them even military-grade against extremely hazardous situations. 

When you purchase prescription safety glasses with us at RX Safety, we have a wide range of lens materials, colors, and coatings based on your preferences, needs, and budgets.

Lens options

Here you’ll select from what type of lenses you need for your prescription. We offer both single and digital single (which allows measurements down to 0.01 diopter instead of the regular 0.125/ 0.25 diopter measurement changes), bifocal, and progressive bifocal. 

Lens material

This is important depending on how high your prescription is. You can go for high-strength polycarbonate or Trivex lenses, or if you’ve got those high prescriptions, we also offer high index lenses that are thinner at either 1.67 or 1.74, but you should consider the others for increased protection. 


Here we offer every type of coating you can think of. If you want to improve the durability, you can also add scratch resistance. Then there’s UV protection and anti-fog coating to always keep your visibility sharp. If you’re in brighter spots, you can get anti-reflective coating options combined with any one of our numerous polarized mirror options. 

Or you can opt for specific-colored or even transitional lenses if you want additional flexibility. We wanted to ensure that even polarized lenses would be an option with the lens coloring. 

In the end

All these options are readily customizable whenever you’re selecting an option that offers a prescription for our safety glasses. In addition, the pricing is transparent and quite low comparatively, so you’re able to get the types of lenses you’ve always wanted but couldn’t get due to prices being so high and limited budgets. 

Don’t hesitate to customize the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses to your style and needs today. All you’re required to do is begin with the frames and go from there.

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