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How To Pack Your Winter Survival Kit: Bacon’s Safety Tip

 Wintertime can bring many dangers, both at work and on the road.

Picture it. It’s the end of January. The last of daylight is just above the treeline, the snow is starting to fall faster and more furious. You’re the last one onsite. So, you pack up your gear, hop in your truck and head down the long, windy road into town. It’s Friday and you’re ready for the weekend. The tunes are on and you’re already thinking about how good that first sip of beer is going to taste. The sun’s just about down and you’re halfway home. 

Suddenly, you hit what must have been a patch of black ice. The truck careens sideways and heads straight toward an old, massive oak tree. It’s cold, it’s dark and in the headlights you see steam and radiator fluid spraying up from under the hood. You’re okay, but your truck isn’t and you haven’t seen another person in miles. What do you do? 

Your survival is up to you.

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. Pack a self-rescue survival kit. Check out this simple infographic for tips and a handy checklist!

Bacon's-Safety-Tips - C05 - Self-Rescue (1)

Don’t you feel more prepared? Go out and stock up that survival kit. Keep it in the glovebox or behind your seat. What do they always say? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? No one wants to be stuck on the side of an old country road in the middle of winter, but if that’s the cards you’ve been dealt — it’s better to be ready for it.

Don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road? Contact the pros at Quad City Safety and we’ll help you assess the risk and get you the winter gear you need to survive.

Bonus Tip: Make sure your job site is winter ready. Visit our blog for 4 Tips To Winterize Your Work Site and Avoid Injuries!

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