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How can I purchase safety glasses that will accept a high prescription?

As many are aware, a strong prescription often means that you have limited options when it comes to choosing frames. However, at RX-Safety we don’t want this to mean that customers with high prescriptions can’t find their perfect safety frames. It’s important to us that all of our customers have prescription safety glasses that are perfect for them in terms of fit, protection, comfort, and environment. Read on to discover the relationship between your prescription, frames, and lens thickness. RX-Safety delves into exactly how to navigate these factors in order to help you find the perfect pair of high prescription safety glasses!

Not all glasses can accommodate high prescriptions. This is due to several different factors, such as the prescription, the frame, and lens thickness. A common issue in the eyewear segment has a prescription that is too strong for a particular frame style. A strong prescription requires lenses to be a specific curvature. This stronger curvature of the glass that makes up the lenses may not fit into a particular frame style. Additionally, certain prescription lenses must be of a specific thickness. Therefore, the actual piece of glass your prescription needs may simply be too thick for specific glasses. If you try to fit high prescription lenses in frames that cannot accommodate these prescriptions, your vision will have distortion. Ill fitting lenses can create distortion that leads to a “fishbowl” effect. This distortion is uncomfortable and will render your glasses practically unwearable.

Therefore, RX safety has made it its mission to provide a wide range of safety glasses with high prescription availability. Many of the safety brands they carry provide high quality safety and high impact protection. They are built to take on a strong glasses prescription while not compromising on their purpose of protecting your eyes. RX-Safety’s glasses cover a high index prescription and are approved as acceptable by the National Standards Institute ANSI. This means that all our RX safety glasses are ANSI Z87+, industry safety standards to be highly impact resistant.

While RX-Safety is extremely proud to offer ANSI Z87+ certified glasses that adhere to the American National Standards Institute guidelines, they also offer many other benefits. In fact, if you choose to purchase your prescription safety glasses online, you don’t just have the benefit of purchasing glasses that can hold a high prescription. Additionally, RX-Safety offers a variety of customization options for safety glasses. This includes adding your prescription for reading or progressive lenses. Also, they offer the ability to add lens coatings to your glasses. These include glasses with UV protection, anti-fog, anti-reflective, and more!

If you’re in the market for a pair of safety glasses or sunglasses that can accept your high prescription, look no further than RX-Safety. The expert customer care team at RX-Safety is also here to help you select the perfect pair of frames for your prescription and work segment. Head to RX-Safety.com!

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