Home Head Protection Fit For All – Surefit™ Thermal Safety Helmet Liner by JSP

Fit For All – Surefit™ Thermal Safety Helmet Liner by JSP

Last year we worked in conjunction with the TSA (Track Safety Alliance) to develop a solution to workers wearing unsafe beanie style hats and hoodies under their head protection. Read the full story here >>

The Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner is the ONLY product that is approved to wear underneath and provide thermal insulation for workers with the JSP Evolution® range of safety helmets unlike dangerous alternatives such as hoodies.

Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner being worn under a JSP Safety Helmet

We have received a vast amount of positive feedback since bringing The Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner to the market.

“Great bit of kit.”

Simon Curtis, Project Manager at Squibb Group.

“JSP’s Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner keeps the winter chill off of track workers.”

Rail Business Daily.

Due to demand, we now have two sizes available. 

Large/Extra Large.  View on our website >>

Medium / Large Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner  View on our website >>

If you have any enquiries regarding this product, please give our team a call on 01993 826050 and we will be happy to assist you.

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