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Career Path at TMI Offers Growth with New Employee Program

Career Path at Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) Offers Growth with New Employee Program

TMI employees invest in their future by taking advantage of a no-cost GED program.

One of Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI)’s core values is that “We believe in people and their dreams.” TMI cares about our employees’ success and futures. ​​We believe in providing career paths, not simply ‘just another job.’ A career path at TMI offers growth and development on many levels. We believe in promoting from within and have had several employees work their way up the chain from traffic controller, to Traffic Safety Supervisor, to Operations Manager, Engineers and more.

At TMI, we believe that the proper tools and training are the key to such success. Our Learning & Development Department created TMI University to offer training courses, including our Leadership Academy and learn-at-your-own-pace GED program available to all qualified employees. TMI acknowledges employee Milestones with custom awards and newsletter features. TMI also rewards quality work efforts quarterly with our “TMI Diamonds Awards” recognition program and a mobile phone friendly, App based Cone-Rewards points system.

As we continue to grow as a company, we are looking to expand our traffic controller teams nationwide. Start building your career at TMI by visiting trafficmanagement.com/careers or calling (877) 559-0656

TMI University Leadership Program:
TMI saw a need for a career path for those looking to grow into leadership positions at the company. TMI University was created to operate the TMI Leadership Academy. This program is a voluntary life skills course designed to further enrich the lives and careers of the participants, focusing on Leadership Development.

GEDWorks Program:
Partnering with GEDWorks, TMI’s GED Program offers online study material, practice tests, access to academic advisors and course materials in both Spanish and English. At no cost to participants, this finish-at-your-own-pace program is available for any TMI employees at any level who have been with the company for at least 90 days.

“This is just the starting point. Now that I have my GED, I’m looking to see what my next opportunity at TMI is and I am going to chase it.” Fredy, a recent graduate and TMI Employee, said after earning his GED.

TMI Diamonds Award & Cone-Rewards:
TMI’s employees are the heart and backbone of the company. That is why we believe it is important to reward good work when credit is due. Both the TMI Diamond Awards and Cone-Rewards programs are designed to do just that. TMI Diamond awards are given to those who exemplify the TMI culture every day of the year, from great leadership and communication skills, to dedicated commitment to safety. Cone-Rewards points are earned through everyday good tasks, such as submitting safety suggestions or helping a colleague with a task.


Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) is a privately-owned minority business based company in Southern California, co-owned by brothers Chris and Jonathan Spano. TMI is a company whose complete knowledge of traffic control and management is integral to the daily flow of the lives of commuters. Its engineers design the traffic plans that result in lane closures due to road repairs, large events and essential infrastructure projects.
TMI started with very humble beginnings in 1995 in the garage of their great grandmother with only a handful of employees when the brothers were just teenagers. Today – over 25 years later – TMI is now one of the largest organically grown traffic management companies in the United States.

To apply for a job with TMI, visit trafficmanagement.com/careers or call (877) 559-0656

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