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Best Shooting Glasses 2021

Thursday, 25 March 2021  |  Admin

Whether you’re a keen hunter or a precision clay pigeon shooter, you’ll no doubt agree there’s no better feeling than aiming down the sights. Good fun is safe fun however, so it’s important that you outfit yourself with the best protection available before you go shooting. As your eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, we recommend a pair of our Best Shooting Glasses.

Our range of glasses adhere to the latest European directives for safety glasses, with lenses adhering to either:

  • EN 166 F: Low energy impact – Impact with a small object travelling at 45 meters per second
  • EN 166 B: Medium energy impact – Impact with a small object travelling at 120 meters per second

For more information on lens strength, you can visit our guide here at SafetyGoggles.co.uk – EN 166 Explained.

Where Do I Start?

If you know what you’re looking for, you can choose one of the options below. If you’re unsure, simply scroll down for our top 5 picks.

Best Clear Shooting Glasses

Bollé Rush HD Clear Safety Glasses RUSHDPI

Why We Love Them…

  • Perfect optical quality thanks to HD lenses
  • Clear visibility, with resistance to water and dirt
  • Excellent anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
  • Non-slip adjustable bridge for user comfort

Perfect For...

  • Wet and damp conditions
  • Indoor clay pigeon shooting

Not So Good For…

  • EN Standards: EN 166 F, EN 170

Editor’s Review: If it’s a clear day, you can’t do much better than our Bollé Rush HD Clear Safety Glasses RUSHDPI. With excellent visuals thanks to an integral hydrophobic coating, the Bollé Rush will repel water and mist, useful for those overcast days with a chance of rain. 

Best Competition Shooting Glasses

Guard Dogs Bones Xtreme 1 Amber Safety Glasses 

Guard Dogs Bones Xtreme 1 Amber Safety Glasses Why We Love Them…

  • Meets ANSI Z87+, test for high impacts
  • Patented fog repellent on inside of lenses
  • Wraparound frame for 180° vision
  • Amber-tinted for low light conditions

Perfect For...

  • Competitive shooting
  • Low light conditions

Not So Good For…

  • EN Standards: EN 166 F, EN 170

Editor’s Review: Passing the U.S standard ANSI Z87+ is no walk in the park, but then again, the Guard Dogs Bones Xtreme are special glasses. The test involves dropping a 500 gram pointed weight from a height of about 5 feet – so the Guard Dogs are strong to say the least. 

Best Shooting Goggles

Bollé Tracker Smoke Lens Safety Glasses TRACPSF

Bollé Tracker Smoke Lens Safety Glasses TRACPSFWhy We Love Them…

  • Adaptable between goggles and glasses depending on user need
  • Great resistance to medium energy impacts
  • Sunglare filters for bright conditions
  • Foam offers brow and cheek protection

Perfect For...

  • Shooting on bright sunny days
  • Hunting 

Not So Good For…

  • EN Standards: EN 166 B, EN 172

Editor’s Review: We love ingenuity here at SafetyGoggles.co.uk, and the option to switch from goggles to glasses makes the Bollé Tracker Safety Glasses TRACPSF a highly useful piece of kit. Their resistance to projectiles and excellent vision on bright, sunny days is a bonus we’ll gladly take. 

Best Lightweight Shooting Glasses

UCi Sidra Yellow Lens Safety Glasses I863

UCi Sidra Yellow Lens Safety Glasses I863Why We Love Them…

  • Polycarbonate and TPR offer great durability 
  • Very lightweight but with strong arms
  • Hard coated for scratch protection
  • Yellow lenses offer good low light vision

Perfect For...

  • Long days on the range or trek
  • Low light conditions in forest 

Not So Good For…

  • EN Standards: EN 166 F, EN 170

Editor’s Review: Face fatigue is a real thing, and if you’re wearing your glasses all day long, you’re bound to experience it. With a light polycarbonate and TPR rubber frame, the UCi Sidra Yellow Lens Glasses I863 offer all-day comfort while you shoot.

Best Clay Shooting Glasses

Uvex Pheos S Amber Safety Glasses 9192-788

Uvex Pheos S Amber Safety Glasses 9192-788Why We Love Them…

  • Contrast enhancement for excellent clarity
  • Duo-spherical lenses offer great field of vision
  • Anti-slip arms ensure a controlled fit
  • Modern, stylish design 

Perfect For...

  • Shooting clay pigeons
  • Wearing with ear defenders

Not So Good For…

  • EN Standards: EN 166 F, EN 170

Editor’s Review: Clay shooting requires unobstructed vision and reliable protection, and the Uvex Pheos S Amber Safety Glasses 9192-788 do just that. Guaranteeing wide peripheral vision, the Uvex Pheos S will remain firm and steady on your face without slipping.

Be A Real Straight Shooter!

We hope this guide has helped you find a suitable pair of Shooting Glasses. See our full range of Clay Pigeon Shooting Glasses and Hunting Safety Glasses to find more available products.

If you have a recommendation or have tried a pair of our goggles, let us know which spectacles you’ve been using and why you like them in the comments below!

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