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Best Anti-Fog Goggles 2021

Tuesday, 2 February 2021  |  Admin

Now more than ever, there’s increased demand for reliable PPE, including protective eyewear that doesn’t fog up when wearing face masks. One of the main issues with standard safety goggles, however, is a lack of anti-fog treatment, which can cause misted visuals and discomfort. That’s why we’ve collated a list of our Best Anti-Fog Goggles to help you find the right pair of goggles for you or your business.

What Goggles Are Available?

In this blog we’re going to look at a number of anti-fog goggles, each with their own specialised functions. All of our products have been treated with anti-fog technology and have been selected according to both expert and customer opinion. You can select a product from the list below if you know what you’re looking:

Best All Round Anti-Fog Goggles

Bollé Cobra Clear Safety Goggles COBFSPSI

The Pros:

  • Uncompromised 180° panoramic visual field 
  • Comfortable foam padding around the eyes
  • Adjustable strap for fixation of goggles
  • Scratch resistant and protection against low energy impacts

The Cons:

EN Standards:

  • EN 166
  • EN 170

Editor’s Review: The Bollé Cobra Safety Goggles offer an all round set of attributes, despite not being the strongest in either field. Reliable anti-fog/scratch protection with resistance to minor impacts and UV400 light. 

Best Comfortable Anti-Fog Goggles

Uvex Ultrasonic Clear Safety Goggles

The Pros:

  • Ergonomic frame design prevents pinches and presses
  • Optimal level of ventilation keeps area around eyes pleasant
  • Lenses can be easily replaced if broken so you can keep using the goggles
  • Patented scratch protection technology across the board

The Cons:

EN Standards:

  • EN 166
  • EN 170

Editor’s Review: Long shifts in goggles can be extremely uncomfortable for the skin – that’s where the Uvex Ultrasonic come in. Ventilated with an ergonomic frame, they combine soft and hard components for the better. 

Best Functional Anti-Fog Goggles

Bollé Atom Ventilated Safety Goggles ATOAPSI

Bollé Atom Ventilated Safety Goggles ATOAPSIThe Pros:

  • Ventilated panoramic lenses for maximum user comfort
  • Prescription glasses can be worn beneath
  • Refined lightweight design with universal strap
  • Compatible with respiratory masks for lung protection

The Cons:

EN Standards:

  • EN 166
  • EN 170

Editor’s Review: We think the Bollé Atom Goggles are the handiest, most compatible goggles available. Don’t take our word for it though. Their lightweight design and glasses/mask compatibility speaks for itself. These goggles are also available in a sealed form for dangerous and contaminated areas. 

Best Cost-Effective Anti-Fog Glasses

UCi Solomon Clear Safety Glasses with Neck Cord I707

UCi Solomon Clear Safety Glasses with Neck Cord I707The Pros:

  • Most cost-effective glasses with anti-fog protection
  • Durable polycarbonate lenses and TPR rubber frame
  • Neck cord allows for secure attachment and prevents slippage
  • Arms are full adjustable for a secure fit

The Cons:

EN Standards:

Editor’s Review: In times of crises and pandemics, it’s important that companies are able to fortify themselves with all-round effective eyewear at a price that is reasonable. The UCi Soloman Glasses provide anti-fog protection with a non-slip neck cord, all at an affordable price that is perfect for bulk buying. 

Best Anti-Fog Lab Goggles

Portwest Clear Chemical Safety Goggles PS21CLR
Portwest Clear Chemical Safety Goggles PS21CLR

The Pros:

  • Acetate lenses optimised for working with chemicals
  • 100% metal free design for safer working
  • Indirect ventilation prevents fogging and reduces contamination
  • Can be worn over prescription lenses

The Cons:

EN Standards:

Editor’s Review: Working in a laboratory environment with harmful chemicals makes it doubly important to ensure your eyes are clear and protected. With robust acetate lenses and a 100% metal free design, the Portwest Goggles PS21CLR are perfect companions for chemists, industrial workers and labs.

Choosing Your Anti-Fog Goggles

We hope this guide has helped you find a suitable pair of anti-fog goggles. See our full range of Anti-Fog Goggles to find more available products.

If you have a recommendation or have tried a pair of our goggles, let us know which spectacles you’ve been using and why you like them in the comments below!

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