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AvaUV Disinfection Cabinets

Concerned about coming into contact with dangerous pathogens? AvaUV disinfection cabinets offer a cleaner environment by killing bacteria and viruses, including the human coronavirus and rhinovirus.

Providing disinfection for personal and professional use, Ava’s disinfection cabinets prevent microorganisms from replicating and spreading. They do so by destroying nucleic acids of pathogen DNA and RNA and rendering them incapable of functioning.

Ava’s Disinfection Cabinets

The Capsule’s internal chamber is 22.25 x 7 x 3.5 inches. The compact design fits anywhere handwashing and device disinfection is critical. The Capsule is a mobile device and small equipment station perfect for:

  • Building entrances, common areas, waiting rooms, work areas, and classrooms.
  • Disinfecting high-touch items and non-medical devices like car keys, mobile phones, badges, and tools.

The Capsule uses powerful, close-proximity UV-C bulbs and features a “hands-clean” design with an auto-open door and 30-second disinfection.

The Cube, with an internal chamber that is 28 x 18 x 20 inches, disinfects more items at once than the Capsule. The Cube is perfect for higher volume disinfection areas, including labs, classrooms, work areas, kitchens, IT departments, assembly lines, and more. Use the Cube to disinfect a higher volume of smaller items or several bulky items in 2 minutes.

AvaUV Cube 2 UV Disinfection Cabinet

Also providing 2-minute disinfection, the Cube2 is even bigger than the Cube with an internal chamber that is 48 x 18 x 20 inches. It has three configurable shelves to fit more and larger equipment, making it perfect for areas such as assembly lines, commercial kitchens, labs, and classrooms that require high-volume disinfection or disinfection of bulky items.

Safety Glasses USA also offers replacement bulbs that are compatible with all AvaUV products. A pedestal display and a pedestal stand are also available.

Disinfection Cabinet Features

Using high-powered bulbs and a controlled chamber design, AvaUV disinfection cabinets provide maximum intensity and reduce the time required to disinfect. Their ready-to-use, one-button operation is simple and safe for everyone.

Sanitation cabinets fit any industry. Place units anywhere that best support workflow. This fast, effective, and consistent disinfection solution with its proven efficacy through third-party testing makes UV support for cleaner environments easily accessible to everyone.

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