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Advantages of wrap around prescription safety glasses

Wearing prescription safety glasses doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. In fact, with new technology and eyewear advances, there are more solutions that address the overall experience of safety eyewear.

RX Safety, a family-owned business, is the leading online prescription safety glasses and performance store. They provide many solutions to safety eyewear and utilize research to develop high-end eyewear design for everyday people.

In this article, we’ll be discussing wrap around prescription safety glasses and how they provide many advantages to protective eyewear. We’ll also look into a few select RX Safety performative wrap around styles, as an example of innovation available for safety eyewear users.  

Let’s get into it.  

Wrap around frames 

Wrap around frames are extremely popular and appealing to many individuals with safety eyewear.

One reason is that they are extremely stylish. With wrap around frames, you get more sleek styles that compliment any look, even outside of the workplace. 

They are also lightweight. Since they weigh less than traditional frames, they easily become more comfortable for all day wear. 

Some may be reluctant to go with wrap around frames because they tend to be smaller and look less protective. You can, however, still get great protective coverage with wrap around frames, even without side shields. 

Advantages of RX Safety’s wrap around selections

RX safety offers a wide range of wrap around safety glasses with prescription available, providing great accomability. They are also available in a wide range of colors and styles, that compliments any style. 

They’re also really accessible given their technological advances. For instance, all wrap around frames at RX Safety are ANSI approved, upholding rigorous industry standards. They are also designed with extreme precision, and are lightweight and comfortable, made mainly from TR-90 nylon material, and therefore providing extreme durability.

It’s true. We’ve even selected a few or our many frames to show you just how sophisticated they are. 

An edgy wrap around frame, these glasses feature adjustable nose pads and a rubber nose piece to provide a secure fit. They’re made from TR-90 nylon material, allowing for durability and chemical resistance. They are also super safe and are ANSI approved.

So no compromising safety or style, these glasses are a great staple for any collection, providing ultimate protection. 

A sleek wrap around semi-rimless design, these glasses are extremely durable and meet industry standards as well, offering extreme protection for the eyes. What’s more advanced is that the lenses are mounted to the frame using advanced lens edging equipment. They also provide a secure fit.

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As you can see, there are many benefits to wrap around frames. RX Safety delivers its solution to providing modern and advanced safety eyewear, accessible to many individuals.

If you have any more questions about wrap around styles or about the styles mentioned in this article, feel free to contact us. Simply call us or inquire online–we’re happy to assist you. 

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